The sharpening guy

Need your grooming scissors, barber scissors, or salon shears sharpened? Bring them in today and let me restore them to their optimal performance.

the sharpening guy

This knife was chipped when it was sent to me. I then re-etched the blade to bring the Damascus pattern in the steel back out before finally sharpening the actual cutting edge in Japanese waterstones. I recently used the mail service to have Matt sharpen 2 kitchen knives The Pocket Knife was an expensive one Thanks Matt!!! Before and after photos of a chipped near the tip knife. I removed the chips and then reground the wide bevels to thin the knife back out.

Finally I sharpened the edge of the knife on Japanese waterstones.

The Sharpening Guy

Before and after photos of a Henkel chefs knife that had a broken tip and protruding bolster on it. No matter how bad the damage in your knife seems, there is a really good chance that I can fix it.

I then sharpened the edge on Japanese waterstones to make it sharper than when it was new. Here is an usuba that came in for repair and sharpening. It had a chip and two reverse bows in the blade. I removed the chip and straightened out the edge of the blade.

I then reground the blade road to raise the shinogi line to thin the blade back out again behind the edge. I then performed uraoshi sharpening on the back of the blade and sharpened the edge with Japanese waterstones.

Here is a old bread knife that was just re-serrated. No matter how messed up the serrations on your knife are, I can fix them. I improved the blade geometry a bit right behind the edge and then sharpened the edge on waterstones. This knife will definitely cut better now than when it was new.

Here are before, during, and after photos of a knife that I reground today. The customer asked for the blade to be shortened to only 7.

He wanted the blade profile to have a bit of a flatter edge, more like most gyutos have and less like the curve most western chef knives have. He then wanted the blade thinned out and reground so the knife would cut through foods optimally, and then the edge sharpened.

The during photos showing the edge show how thick the steel was after reshaping the blade. So you can see the importance of thinning the blade back out after that.

A long time client of mine sent a new Zwilling stainless Kramer in for sharpening. So, I reshaped the curve of the edge so it now rocks properly against a cutting board, thinned it out behind the edge, and then sharpened it. It will now perform way better than when it was new. It will now perform way better that when it was new. Jump to.We can sharpen most scissors.

Read More…. We specialise in sharpening a wide range of knives. We sharpen both hand and roller guillotines; this usually involves the blade being taken apart. Garden tools are usually very neglected items, getting them sharpened can ensure they last for years.

We can generally repair broken or damaged tools for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Give us a call to find out more. Headquarters Fowlds Avenue, Sandringham. This is a residential address where our workshop is located.

If nobody is home, your items can be left in the secure dropbox instructions are attached to the fence. Gladstone Butchery Parnell. Seaview Meats Milford.

Highbury Butchery Birkenhead. The Aussie Butcher New Lynn. We guarantee a 48 hour turn around. Please be sure to wrap your items well so they do not become damaged during shipping and include all of your contact information.

We can also provide you with a few sharpening maintenance techniques to keep that edge as sharp as possible for years to come. We offer a friendly, quick service. Outside of our sharpening area? He individually adjusts and sharpens all our scissors for each team members requirements as we all have different cutting habits, highly recommended".JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Actual Price:. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Forgot Password? Login or registration. Profile Informations.

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Latest Posts. Starting a Mobile Sharpening Business.

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So you've decided you want to set up your own business and you think that Mobile Sharpening might be just for you. Find out how My Mobile Sharpening Guy can help you. We're already recruiting in the U. K, we are looking for Sharpening Technicians who are currently in the Industry but properly trained new comers are also considered.He created this business to provide high quality sharpening for chefs and cooks in western Michigan.

He has a passion for transforming dull knives into the sharpest knives they can be. He goes above and beyond by using only the best knife making equipment to repair and sharpen your knives so that they truly can be as good or better than when they were new. This also allows him to do repairs that a lot of sharpeners cannot. In addition to understanding how to sharpen your average knife, Matt also specializes in sharpening and repairing Japanese knives and straight razors.

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One example of this is that he can do blade grinds for people who are making their own knives but just need help with that part.

He has sharpened thousands of knives over the years and has gotten positive feedback from customers all over the United States and beyond. If you would like your knives to work like they have never worked before, contact us today to experience the true meaning of sharp. All rights reserved. I am now open! I look forward to serving you soon. Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter. Matt Hendricks - The Sharpening Guy.You can drop you knives off at a drop off locationor mail them to us.

We currently pick up your knives on Tuesdays and Fridays each week.

the sharpening guy

Drop offs by PM Tuesday will be ready for pickup on Saturday morning, and drop offs by PM Friday will be ready for pick up on Wednesday morning unless we contact you and tell you otherwise.

Contact us if you have questions. We are closed on Sunday. When your knife no longer cuts easily, then sharpening will benefit you. If it takes effort to get your knife or tool to cut, then it has become dull. A sharp knife cuts easily through the skins of fruits and vegetables and slices bread and meat with ease. Please visit our Knife Care Tips page for more information. We put a sheath or other protection on any sharp knife that needs one before you take your knives home.

I researched several different methods of sharpening and experimented with several of them. In addition to self-education, I trained with Steve Bottorff.

In addition, I consulted with various professional sharpeners from around the country to learn from them as well.

All rights reserved. I am now open! I look forward to serving you soon. Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter. How do I get my knives to you to get them sharpened? How long will it take to get my knives, scissors, or straight razor sharpened? How frequently do I need to have my knives sharpened?

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How can I keep my knives sharp for longer? How do I transport my sharp knives home? How is it best to store my sharp knives? How did you learn to sharpen? What is your favorite steel?

the sharpening guy

White 1.From the moment of our founding inCharity has been the first principle of the Fitchburg Joseph P. Keating Knights of Columbus, Council We are Catholic men of faith and men of charitable action. Our charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national and international projects. We also partner with international The evening will include a sit -down Catered Dinner with several special guests.

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Steve Cooke, 'The Sharpening Guy,' Dies at 61

Sell-Giveaway all your stuff except the things I really need and move into my Home on Wheels Her name is "C-C" she's a year-old Chevy G 23ft Class C that I will be living in Year-round yes even winter with help I'm able still to care for my Parents' and also enjoy my new life as a Nomad! So write this down. We are now at our new location at the Elks Lodge on N.

Main St. Warm up the house by baking your pre-made Pork Pies. Feel like just a snack? Try our homemade Gorton on an English Muffin, toast or crackers. We will need all orders in by November 12th Please. Prices have gone up just a bit due to the fact that our supplies and this move has increased. Thank You! Merci beaucoup! Well Ladies and Gents. We did it.

We made our goal for the Alzheimer's walk. So excited.

the sharpening guy

Thank you to all our wonderful. Generous compassionate. And all the other adjectives I could describe. You are so appreciated. Loved and adored. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Cheryl-Dan and all the Jolly Walkers. Having a Big Garage Sale!We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Steve Cooke, 61, of York, Pa.

That Sharpening Guy

But Cooke had a special place in his heart for saws, and he had an impressive collection. I sent a lot of readers to Cooke because he always had an excellent selection of working saws that he had lightly restored, sharpened and priced them to sell to people who were interested in using theminstead of hanging them on the wall.

Personally I have about four or five saws that Cooke restored, including a nice point saw I use for fine crosscuts and a very large Disston D7 with a thumbhole rip handle. Dealing with him was always a pleasure, and I know a lot of readers who became quite fond of him as well.

To read his full obituary, you can read this story from the York Daily Record. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop.

We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. I just want to thank everyone for such nice comments about my dad. I miss him so much everyday and its great to see that you all loved the saws he sharpened for you. I heard of but never had dealings with Steve, may he RIP.

Hmmm, just where would I go now to have a saw sharpened? Suggestions welcome. I had the pleasure of sitting with Steve on two separate occasions as he sharpened my saws and gave me a running sharpening class as he did it. He was a very nice guys, extremely knowledgeable and willing to teach those who were interested.

He will be sorely missed. I used to exchange emails and the occasional phone call with him just to talk.

He was great with saws and was a gentleman. He sharpened several saws of mine a few years back. He was a great man. Sad news indeed. Although I never met him in person, I talked to him on a number of occasions on the phone about saws.

In fact, most of the hand saws I own came from him.

How to keep a consistent angle while sharpening a knife

He was remarkable in many ways, but perhaps the most unusual thing was his natural inclination was to trust folks. When I asked him about his willingness to send me a saw without payment up front, his response was "I trust ya…, at least until I know different. Sorry to hear, Cooke will be missed in the industry, for certain. Might be a good time for Popular Woodworking to run more articles on educating people on sharpening saws???? Definitely a man that knew how to restore old tools and well respected for it.

I remember your eloquent description of his talent and fondness for saws and sharpening. We in the wood working world sure have taken some hits this past year or so. Wow so young! This is very sad. I use them almost every day in the shop and now I will take just that much more care of them. By Christopher Schwarz.

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