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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. A curious gleam makes his eyes shimmer. I mean, you already knew, but. As if shaking your head would make your scrambled thoughts re-align again.

Each chapter will be tagged! Mostly starker, but there will be winterspider and spidershield and spiderstrange. He was finally pregnant. They were going to have another baby. Peter managed to get the tears under control before leaving the bathroom to find and tell Tony. Tony was laying on the couch, Ben sprawled on top of his chest and both of them asleep. Peter looked down when he felt Tessa sit on his feet. A continuation to 'Little Patients', an amazing AU created by me and spiderbun.

The AU is the same, but there are two new co authors, Ali and Richie. Updates every Wednesday and Saturday. After Pepper dies, Peter helps Tony pick up the pieces. Only picking up the pieces becomes a little more complicated when a new CEO who may or may not be Harry Osborn comes into the picture. And picking up the pieces becomes even more complicated when both Tony and Peter start looking at each other a little differently.

Pepper and Happy? Spider-man and the Avengers? Peter is about to graduate high school. He just wants to go to work, save some money, and get into a new college FAR from home. He starts dating his old friend Harry, and things seem to be going okay, but The world is black and white. Color has never been in his world, not until he meets Peter Parker, a new hero with spider-like powers. Now, Tony Stark will do everything in his power to not only protect his Mate but his family as well.

Even if it means letting his darkness out to play. Not when most Omegas got pregnant on the first try. It was downright devastating to see negative test after negative test when they wanted a family so badly.

And, if this test came back negative, they already decided they would be looking into a fertility specialist for help.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Technically, Peter couldn't blame Ned for getting him mixed up in all of this.

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He did choose to stay behind and face the consequences. Being a part of a Mafia family wasn't so bad considering all the perks that came with it. It was good money too. The hardest part was hiding it all from aunt May. And keep himself from falling head over heels for the Don of the family, Tony Stark. In this universe, you have a soulmate.

And when you turn 18, you can taste everything your soulmate tastes. Tony thinks he doesn't have a soulmate, until one day, he suddenly tastes it. What if Tony Stark had survived after using the infinity stones? What if he never died? The sight of it made fresh tears spill from his eyes, as it just served as another reminder of Mr. But through his blurred vision, Peter saw something. A flicker. There it was again. The faintest glow emanating from the arc reactor.

Peter shot up, drawing questioning gazes from Pepper and Rhodey, but Peter paid them no mind.

peter and tony fic recs

His gaze was fixed on Mr. A bunch of one-shots and drabbles that I have floating in my head. Here's a breakdown if you want to find a ship. After graduating college, Peter knows it's time to stop messing around and dedicate his life fully to being an Avenger.

He's willing to do whatever it takes to prepare to eventually lead the Avengers, but to do that he's going to need a trainer, and who better to ask than the Winter Soldier? Bucky says yes, knowing that the kid won't last a week. Bucky's gonna haze the shit out of him. In school, they keep their distance Based on a prompt of this tweetPeter accidentally summons Tony whilst trying to make dinner.We asked for help from our followers to find your lost fic Nonny, so big thanks to usingmymadeupname and thatdamjoke for their help!

We asked our followers for help finding your lost fic. Hi Nonny! We reached out to our followers for help with your ask. Hello Nonny!

Tony Stark Fic Recs

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peter and tony fic recs

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For those of you who have been following for awhile, you know that I reblog this post once every few months just as a friendly reminder that we are doing our best. Regardless, we will continue to do our best and improve where we can. We hope these have both made your fic finding endeavors easier. Huge thanks to dogs-dogs-i-love-dogs for commenting below a more complete version of Thunder and Lightning by ObservationalObsessive!

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the marvel cinematic universe fic rec post

But what the hell is he supposed to do now? Stark as his dad he would be lying. It was just those things at the back of his head that sometimes got closer to the surface. Now, instead of being ecstatic about Mr.Do you know of any fics where there is time travel involved and Tony meets Peggy or Howard maybe they go to the future or maybe Tony goes to the past.

Time travel is one of my favorite tropes! Seize Yesterday by DannieU. In the Earth is about to end. In Howard Stark might have the answer. The solution seems simple, except Tony has the worst of luck, and he might just be stuck.

I Started a Joke by Naferty.

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But then he wakes up in an alley in Brooklyn, two strangers staring down at him in confusion and Tony is sure he is dreaming when he shakes hands first with pre-serum Steve Rogers, and then Bucky Barnes.

Trapped inTony befriends Steve, and falls in love with Bucky but America is at war, and Bucky and Steve ship out to join the cause. But then he wakes up on the pavement in New York, the Hulk roaring in his face, Steve staring down at him, and he has to wonder if it was all a hallucination. When Tony fell through the sky, did he fall through time as well? Why does Steve act so cold towards him?

Were he and Bucky really that happy together? Start the Clocks and Never Touch Them by nimmieamee. Accidental teleportation, Tony decided. It was the only possible explanation. It was a relief, really. Twice Upon a Time by TsaritsaElena. As they work toward a solution that will restore Howard to his own timeline, will Tony get a second chance at a father-son relationship with his dad, or is he in for more of the same unforgiving treatment from Howard? That is…until he stumbled upon an old abandoned Hydra lab and kinda set off one of their machines by accident.

A blast of blue light later and he found himself in the same lab…only it is seventy years earlier and it is full of Hydra agents. Suddenly, Tony is living out a dream.FAQ Library.

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Pepper was tucking Morgan in—quite a bit past her bedtime, but the excitement of the day seemed to excuse that—and Peter had figured Tony would want to go to sleep, too. Tony stepped out onto the porch and Peter followed, closing the door quietly behind him. It was a gibbous moon tonight and the lake was lit up in silver and gold reflected from the cabin windows.

Insects were chirping and buzzing in the early summer warmth. Tony settled onto the padded bench, sideways to look out at the little wooden dock, then patted the spot next to him. It always was, now.

the marvel cinematic universe fic rec post

Peter wondered if it was because of Morgan or if he was too tired to fight. Peter swallowed.

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There were things he knew he needed to talk about, at some point. Like what he was supposed to do now, what had happened in those five years. Not now. Silence fell again.

Peter & Tony -- Please Don't Leave Me

Peter looked out at the lake and so did Tony. It seemed that Tony really had just wanted to sit with Peter. Had just wanted to hold him for a while. And I realized that I should have done that with you, should have just reveled in the fact that you were warm and alive and there when I had the chance.

peter and tony fic recs

I just walked around Manhattan all day, barely even paying enough attention to not get hit by a car. Until this old man put a hand on my shoulder and asked if I was alright. Peter drew in a sharp breath, trying to sit up and turn to look at Tony, but Tony held him still.

His voice broke and Peter could feel the sob wrack his chest. The world should have stopped spinning when you died. Like nothing should have stopped him from grieving. Sniffling, Peter twisted around and wrapped his arms around Tony, crawling half into his lap to hug him as tightly as possible. I put some effort into this, let me tell you. The following post contains my favourite fics from the past few months, with many different relationships at the forefront.

In which Clint Barton is stuck in an electricity-themed torture cycle for days on end. Heart-wrenching and beautifully written. A soft and loving look into the life of Tony Stark after the events of Endgame. I recommend the whole series wholeheartedly. Other fics by this writer: A Tale of Sons and Iron. Bucky Barnes does not want a dog. Sam Wilson thinks otherwise.

This is a wonderful, soft fic, about a man and his therapy dog. Other fics by this writer: the house of my father and son. In which Pepper works at an art gallery and Tony keeps buying ugly paintings off her. Genuinely fantastic, absolutely loved it. Peter struggles reintegrating in his own life after his dad lived five years without him.Pretty sure you could be looking for this fic.

Happy reading friend! Hi I'm looking for a fic where Tony is Peter's biological son and he's a terrible father that eventually tries to get better at the job. He has no idea how to be a dad, but he certainly has daddy issues. Hi Nonny! Maybe you could be looking for this fic? Your continued support, love, and willingness to help out means so much to us! Thanks again for all your help!

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If you think you might recognize one of these lost fics, please comment below or send in an ask with the lost fics corresponding number, fic title, author, and where the fic is located Ex.

AO3, Fanfiction. Also, please share this if you can. The more people that see this, the more likely we are to find these lost fics. Maybe one of these fics is what you are looking for? Tony jerked with a shout as Peter jumped at him, sticking to the front of the suit with his hands and feet.

peter and tony fic recs

Peter gave him a thumbs up before swinging away, leaving Tony to perform a few loop-de-loops before shooting after him. NOTE: Some details surrounding submissions and how we share art has changed, so be sure to read more about it and how you can submit your art here! Please be sure to share, submit, reblog, and to tag your friends and favorite artists!

Spread the word! I know some of you are stuck inside due to be quarantined right now, and I really hope each and every one of you are doing alright.

Please stay inside if you can and be safe! During hard times such as this, we often turn to different forms of art for entertainment and to help us cope. This list is organized by word count. Most of the fics listed below are complete but some are not.

For example if the word count is encompassed by two asterisks it means the fic is not complete and is subject to change, but the word count is correct as of the day this list was posted. I told you I had issues by Bergen Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and right now, a little exasperated. Because some guy is swinging around New York, shooting webs and making trouble, Fury is breathing down his neck, and his latest intern took off with his coupon for a free coffee.

Thank god for Pepper Potts. With half the team under house arrest at the Compound, Tony finds himself seeking refuge in Avengers Tower and starts forming a tentative friendship with the neighborhood vigilante Spider-Man.

Tony is left wondering who to trust, especially when Spider-Man manages to uncover the one secret Tony never wanted anyone to know about: the child Tony had with a woman named Mary Fitzpatrick sixteen years ago.

They created weapons that destroyed beautiful things. That was the way it had always been. He certainly never wanted any of his own. Not after his own childhood, witnessing first hand what a Stark father can do to their child. Which is why, when a kid is thrusted into his life unexpectedly, he has no idea how to take care of it- him. Or: my take on the biological father! Her lips are pressed tightly together, eyes squinting and berating; looking for some kind of reasoning.He wakes up in a crater, encased in a high-tech suit of armor, with no idea who he is or how he get there.

There were moments where Bucky wondered what could have made Iron Man, possibly his best friend here in the future, sarcastic and gentle and funny and caring, hate Tony Stark so much. Moments where he wondered what Tony Stark, who could manage to be kind and generous to the assassin who had murdered his parents, could have done to Iron Man.

But he never dared to ask, afraid of the answer. Neither Peter Parker nor Tony Stark are known for having the best of luck. To normal people, an alien targeting specifically one person is enough to make you wonder if maybe you have done something to piss off several galaxies. Weirder things have happened. OR Tony is temporarily turned into a toddler for a glorious 48 hours and Peter takes it upon himself to take care of him.

Steve steps into the past and discovers that hope held on a pedestal is as insubstantial as smoke. Then he sees Tony. I loved so many of their fics so much and I failed to download most of them so all I have now is my memories and the knowledge that we lost a really incredible writer and some absolutely amazing fics.

And suddenly he remembered where he knew that face from. The blood in his veins turned cold and for a second his lungs forgot they need oxygen to function. He counted back the years, hoping it would calm his racing heart. Strange Seas by 27dragons and tisfan.

Now he and his faithful if dour companion, Wong, must try to recover them before a new Mandarin can emerge to terrorize the world. Stephen is prepared for fell magics and formidable warriors — but Tony Stark catches him entirely unawares. The appearance of a pair of sorcerers seeking the ring that keeps him alive is the very last thing he needs. When Bucky Barnes is found and brought back to the Avengers mansion, Tony just wants to help.

The more questions he asks, though, the more his team seems to pull away from him.


At least Iron Man and the Winter Soldier are getting along. I'm really upset about this but if Wordsplat wants this gone I'll delete my reblog i just don't know what happened i hope it goes without saying but don't reupload these to ao3 or anything.

But it did.

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